Display Specs

Taxi Top Resolution is (160 x 64)

Resolutions which we could work with are:
(320 x 128) , (640 x 266) & (1280 x 512)

For videos: (H264) MP4 Videos (10 Seconds)

Main Advantages
  • Ad Circulation will average 500 miles per day/per vehicle.
  • Taxis Cover , Airports, Ports, Hotels ,Shopping Centers, Stadiums, Theaters, Museums , recreation parks (Zoo , Aquarium, etc).
  • Broadcasting 24/7..
  • Teasers in Motion on 2-sided the Taxi Top LED Screens with 280 º display viewing. Flexible Itineraries with increased geographical coverage.
  • Circulation and Impressions will cater to millions of people.
  • Building Up Brands and reinforcing Products/Services with high definition
  • Offers lower cost per each thousand dollars invested in conventional media out of home. (bus, billboard, train).